Melbourne Weather and Climate Guide


Climate - Melbourne & Victoria

Victoria's Climate

Victoria experiences warm to hot summers, mild autumns, cool to cold winters and cool springs. The climate varies across the state, with the north experiencing much drier and warmer weather than the south.
  • Summer: December to February
    Temperatures: from 21C to 34C, average 28C
  • Autumn: March to May
    Temperatures: from 11C to 19C, average 17C
  • Winter: June to August
    Temperatures: from -1C to 12C, average 8C
  • Spring: September to November
    Temperatures: from 10C to 20C, average 17C
Melbourne's Climate
Melbourne has a mild, temperate climate with four distinct seasons.

Summer: December to February
With average maximum temperatures of 25.5C, a typical summer days in Melbourne is warm and sunny, with a freshening sea breeze from the south to southeast in the afternoon. A hot summer spell can produce temperatures that exceed 40C, but this usually ends with a cool change.

Autumn: March to May
With temperatures falling to around 20C, Autumn is generally considered the most pleasant season in Melbourne. Many days are mild and sunny with afternoon sea breezes. Cloudy, showery weather increases towards the end of autumn.

Winter: June to August
Melbourne experiences some of Australia's coldest weather in winter, with some nights producing frost. Snow doesn't fall in the city itself, but occasionally the outlying hills receive a light snowfall. The average daily temperature is approximately 14C, although it can fall below 4C. In the alpine region, average temperatures range from -5 to 5C.

Spring: September to November
At the beginning of spring, cloudy overcast days with gusty winds can be experienced, with an average of 5.8 hours of sunshine a day. The weather begins to warm up towards the end of spring. Sometimes a full range of weather can be experienced in a matter of days.

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